Fink Exercise – Week Two, Post Two

Step 5: Integrating Steps 1-4

1.  Situational Factors

  • Due to the online nature of the course and the fact that it may be assigned by an instructor as extra credit or as a low percentage of their grade, students may approach the course without much motivation or with the view that it is ”just another thing I have to complete.”  If the learning activities and feedback and assessment are something the student can relate to their real life, then they may find the course more interesting and be able to get more out of it.
  • The earning goal of learning to evaluate information may be too high level for an introductory course about the library geared towards first-year students who most likely have no experience using an academic library or conducting extensive research before.

2.  Learning Goals and Feedback & Assessment

  • Because the range of goals for the course range from teaching the student basic information about accessing library materials to higher level information literacy concepts, the assessment procedures may need to vary from simple recall type exercises to more involved reflective type of assessment.

3.  Learning Goals and Teaching/Learning Activities

  • The learning activities do support the learning goals, but there may be activities that could be refined to do so more clearly.

4.  Teaching/Learning Activities and Feedback & Assessment

  • The feedback loop works well for clearly defining the criteria and standards that will assess their performance.
  • Learning activities and the associated feedback that will be provided should prepare students for the assessment as they will tie in closely and use similar language and situations.

2 thoughts on “Fink Exercise – Week Two, Post Two

  1. It can definitely be tricky to get students to be motivated and engaged in this situation, especially online. One thing that might help is to do a short introduction activity at the beginning of the semester, and ask students to talk about their chosen major and/or career (or current jobs). You could maybe ask them to give an example of a time when they needed to find information for their job, and you could use these scenarios for future activities. I think that students taking online classes are often even more instrumentally motivated, so using examples that have tangible benefits (and I like the one in your assessment post) are helpful.


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