Learning Theories & Motivation

I would like to apply a mix of behaviorism and constructivism to my instruction.  The online module I will be modifying is geared towards lower level students and the learning outcomes are for students to gain basic library and information literacy skills, so I think using a behavioral approach will help guide students in the right direction while also using constructive activities will help solidify the learning as well as build a foundation for future learning.  I have a few ideas for implementing both approaches.

Softchalk has a number of activity learning objects you can build into your lessons.  The current lesson is pretty text heavy, so I’d like to utilize the various activities to build in some ”hands-on” learning by doing.  For example, I can use the Sorting activity to have students identify the characteristics of scholarly and popular sources.  I would also like to immediately follow up with some feedback/explanation for why things went where.

Since most students who go through the instruction will be there because they have been assigned to by their instructor, their motivation for completing the lesson and built in quizzes will be to earn the certificate of completion they can turn in to their instructor.  I’m hoping to build in some intrinsic motivation as well by aligning activities as much as possible to their class assignments (so they recognize how the information in the lesson will be helpful to them).


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