Choosing the best ed-tech tool for the job

What technologies (and these can be old, new, or emerging) might be most appropriate for your final project? Does your final project align with any of the trends represented in the Horizon Report you reviewed? Now answer the first two questions posed in Consider section of the 5-Step Ed-Tech Integration Model from the How to Choose article.

Since my final project is a one shot, asynchronous learning module, the most appropriate technology is some type of e-learning software that can build an interactive, engaging lesson and incorporates assessment throughout the lesson.  The Horizon Report for Higher Education suggests that the numbers of students opting for online learning is growing quickly and the development of new voice and video tools are improving the experience of online learning.  My final project aligns with this trend, but also proves that using the right tools and good instructional design is imperative.

For my final project I am using the ed-tech tool, Softchalk.  With good instructional design I believe the tool is capable of enhancing instruction.  It is simple to use and has built in features for making lessons more interactive.  This tool was chosen for my final project because it is provided free of charge to staff of colleges in my state.  If the budget allowed for it though, Articulate Storyline is a similar tool that would make creating an engaging learning experience even easier.


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