ID Essentials – Final Post

I am developing a one-shot, asynchronous library tutorial geared primarily towards 1st and 2nd year students.  The purpose of this tutorial is for the student to be able to use the library to find information.

Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

1.  Use Discovery Search to locate a book and a scholarly, peer-reviewed article.

2.  Identify the ways to contact a librarian for help.

3.  Identify three criteria for evaluating information sources.  For lower level students, I think limiting the outcomes to three that are pretty basic is appropriate.

Learners will be assessed with multiple-choice, matching and fill in the blank questions.  With built in feedback based upon their answers, this should both assess if they are grasping the content and allow them to reflect on what they have learned.

I would like to approach the instruction with a mix of behavior and cognitive learning theories in mind.  I could create a short video modeling a search and then ask the student to try a search on their own (behaviorism).  Since it’s asynchronous, I wouldn’t be able to provide targeted feedback, but could do so in a general way with feedback and guidance based on how they answer an assessment question after they try their search (cognitivism).

I will be using Softchalk to create the online tutorial.  Activities, videos, and assessment can be built in so incorporating each of these will hopefully contribute to an overall engaging experience for the student.

Learning theories and thinking through the learning outcomes has been the most useful in narrowing down what content should be covered and how to approach it.  Before taking this class I was interested in creating a tutorial that would provide a more authentic and active learning experience for the user, but really did not have any real idea of how to go about designing something like that.  I now feel much more ready to tackle this project.

Although I did not have time to read many of my classmates blogs, I did find helped me gel together all the information we were learning in a short period of time.


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